This is me! 



Before I even begin to talk about myself, I would like to Focus on YOU...


Thank you for coming to my site and for paying me a visit!  I am so grateful and feel so privileged having met so many wonderful people over the past 12 years of my existence here with my Wedding and Event Company, Exquisitely Designed.  Moving forward I must admit, it's been such a blessing.  A blessing to have met so many folks here within our Community. 


Its Such a joy Designing and creating visions that Bring happy Faces!  Faces filled with joyful tears are the best!! 

Well, this is me...
Free Spirited, Definitely a Perfectionist to say the least! 


I have 2 speeds, fast and faster!!


My Passions?  Anything that is related to Arts and Music would pretty much sum up who I am. Serving my Heavenly Father, and Teaching Bible Truths would definitely be the top of my list. 

I definitely have a "Joie De Vivre" as the french would say. 

I am a Romanian/Irish/French Canadian, born in Montreal, Quebec.  I speak English and French Fluently.


I love to Paint, I have been a watercolour artist for many years, and have recently ventured into Acrylic, so we will see what I can come up with. 


I love to Sing, I have been singing for a number of years at the Jazz Can-AM, in Sarnia, along with the talented Dr. D and all that Jazz 


Lastly and most importantly




Louise Cooke